Advanced Level

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level of the Equality Standard is the final part of a continuous journey; whilst this might be the last element of the Equality Standard to be completed, the provision of equality and equitable thinking needs to be continued now that it has been established and beginning to be implemented. 


At this level, the principle is fundamentally that equality is embedded and 'mainstreamed' throughout the organisation.  There needs to be evidence that the whole organisation think about, and incorporate in their normal daily work the interests, challenges and processes for ensuring anyone, regardless of a shared protected characteristic, has access to all areas of the sport - from participation, through employment, to officiating and volunteering.  It should also be evident that the organisation is proactively working to address 'issues' which may be impacting on the involvement of individuals who share other protected characteristics, above and beyond those which were identified as of high importance during the earlier stages of the Equality Standard.  An all-round approach to inclusion should be demonstrated by the whole organisation consistently at this level.


The purpose of this area within the DSW website is to provide resources which will support you including actions and information which will do a good job for disabled people.

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