Bev Tucker

Bev Tucker

What is your day job?

Disability Sports Wales Development Officer for Powys


Why did you get involved with (disability) sport?

I used to teach and coach sport in my previous job and was inspired by a Paralympian , Tracey Hinton ,  to help more people like her take up a sport and enjoy training or competing.


How long have you been a tutor for DSW?

Since  2010


Why did you become a DSW tutor?

To help more people in my area , become more knowledgeable in adapting sports for people  in their club, school or recreational setting. 

What are the good things about tutoring the UK DIT workshops?

Mainly giving people new ideas in delivering practical sports . Meeting new people and delivering activities  which are fun , and the  resources which come with the course.


Give us one interesting fact about yourself:

I am a winner of the ladies over 40 , Summer Hill series in 2015 which involves mountain running.

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