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How you can include young disabled people with curricular or extra-curricular school sport sessions

It isn’t only the teaching staff who deliver PE to young disabled people within a school setting.  Extracurricular sport is an important part of sport participation and in some cases forms an important part of a young persons involvement in physical activity.  Provision of extracurricular sport is often delivered by coaches who are specialists within the sport, and may be participated in by those children and young people who have some ‘talent’ in that sport.  It is important that disabled children and young people are also given the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular sessions, here are some top tips for making sure this happens:

  • When planning your sessions make sure you know as much information as possible about the children/young people who will be attending so that you can plan accordingly

  • If you are planning the extracurricular session calendar then think about including some disability sport.  Get in touch with your local sport development unit and talk to them further about lending any specific equipment to you

  • Remember that if you differentiate your sessions anyway – likelihood is that it will be inclusive

  • Think about the posters and communication you put up about the session – make sure it says that EVERYONE can attend

  • There are probably additional challenges which disabled children and young people may experience which might impact on their availability to get to after-school clubs (i.e. transport, costs (is applicable), support, etc) – try and consider those when you plan your session

  • If you want more information about how to include disabled children and young people in your session you can go on the UK Disability Inclusion Training (Coaches and Volunteers) workshop which will give you lots of ideas about creating inclusive sessions

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