Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level of the Equality Standard is the third level of four.  It is the point at which NGBs, and other similar sports organisations are challenged to ensure that all processes, policies and programmes are Equality Impact audited. 


At this level, the principles are centred around the need to demonstrate that specific consideration are being given to groups who share common protected characteristics, and that these considerations drive programming so as to ensure that a wider and more diverse range of groups are engaged.  There should be a continuation of the Equality Audit established in the previous two levels, and the ongoing and increasingly applied interpretation of what this data means to the organisation and how they can use it to continue to grow.  The results of prior work should now be emerging, and there should be a growing representation of individuals from groups who share protected characteristics who have previously not been visible within the organisation.


The purpose of this area within the DSW website is to provide resources which will support you including actions and information which will do a good job for disabled people.

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