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170 clubs around the country have achieved insport Club Ribbon Standard or higher, providing inclusive and disability-specific opportunities for sport and physical activity.

More than a million opportunities

In 2019 Disability Sport Wales supported over 1 million chances for disabled people to take part in sport and physical activity. With over 750 clubs and sessions across Wales, from Archery to Weightlifting we are confident that we have an opportunity that is just right for you.

Why not try our club finder tool to see what clubs and sessions are on your doorstep!! Alternatively just get in touch with your local Disability Sport Wales Development Officer who is there to point you in the right direction.

Disability Sport Wales are committed to supporting the sport sector in becoming more inclusive, and we are always looking for new clubs, new coaches and new volunteers who can help us achieve this aim.

Community News

insport Series Events

insport Series events provide inclusive sporting opportunities for disabled adults and young people across Wales.

With the support of our Community Partner, AF Blakemore Ltd (SPAR UK), insport Series events will be held in a mixture of in-person and virtual settings. Please visit our insport Series website to see what's coming up.

Visit our insport Series website

A young girl playing Table Tennis at an insport Series event
Disability Sport Wales Development Officers

In your Local Authority

A team of Disability Sport Wales Development Officers work across the country helping disabled people have access to physical activity (including sport).

If you are interested in sport yourself, or are a parent / guardian / carer who would like to see what's available, get in touch with your local Development Officer. Similarly, if you are a club and want to improve your provision for disabled people through training or by engaging with insport Club, your Development Officer is here to help.

Get in touch with your local Development Officer

Inclusion + sport = insport
insport logo
insport logo

insport is a Disability Sport Wales programme delivered with the support of Sport Wales, which aims to support the physical activity, sport, and leisure sectors in delivering inclusively of disabled people. 

Disability Sport Wales have developed frameworks to support Clubs, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and Local Authorities to deliver excellent standards of inclusion for disabled people in sport and physical activity.

Learn more about insport

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