The Disability Sport Wales team have been learning British Sign Language (BSL) with training from Deaf-Friendly. To mark International Day of Sign Languages, we invite you to meet the team as we introduce ourselves to you in BSL.


This video is presented in British Sign Language without audio. A transcript is available below:

Chris: Hello! Today is International Day of Sign Languages. My name is Chris and I work for Disability Sport Wales. My colleagues and I are learning to sign. Please meet the DSW team:

Nathan: Hi! My name is Nathan. I work for DSW. I like to play ice hockey.

Nia: Hello. My name is Nia. I work for Disability Sport Wales, and I coach rugby.

Leif: Hello! How are you? What's your name?

Gareth: Hello. My name is Gareth. I live in Carmarthen. Pleased to meet you!

Gemma: Hello! My name is Gemma. What's your name?

Tom: Hi. My name is Tom. I work for DSW.

James: Hello. How are you? My name is James. [Action: holds thumbs up]

Fiona: Hello. My name is Fiona. I work at Disability Sport Wales. I'm learning to sign.

Donna: Hi! My name is Donna. I work at Disability Sport Wales. I enjoy running.

Stefano: Hello! How are you?

Char: Hello! My name is Char. I work for DSW.

Ffion: Hello! How are you?

Rachael: Hello! My name is Rachael. I work at DSW. I like coffee. Happy signing!

[Ends: Disability Sport Wales logo appears]

Learn to Sign

Disability Sport Wales has funded 30 spaces for coaches, volunteers, and anyone else involved in the provision of sport in Wales to access beginner BSL training provided by Deaf-Friendly. If you want to feel more confident communicating with deaf participants, you can sign up now via Eventbrite: 




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