Disability Sport Wales Performance Pathway

Disability Sport Wales Performance Pathway Hub Programme

The purpose of the DSW Performance Pathway Hub (PPH) Programme is to provide an environment for individuals to learn, grow and develop into athletes for a sport which fits the individuals profile/ impairment and to have the best possible chance of success at World, Paralympic and/or Commonwealth Games.

The PPH will aim to develop an individual’s Physical Competencies and Fundamental Movement skills through the delivery of multi skill sessions. These session are for individuals who may not be currently involved in a specific sport but wish to explore what the Performance Pathway could offer, and for individuals attending sporting sessions run by their corresponding National Governing Body (NGB).


The PPH follows a 3-tiered structure.

The participant engages with the PPH Programme after completing the inspire signposting form, and is profiled by the Performance Pathway Team.

To progress through the tiers the participant will have to reach the set criteria over an agreed period.

If the participant doesn’t meet the required criteria they will be introduced with our support to a community-based opportunity.

PPH Tier Structure

Athletes at Tier 1


  • Have a profile that would allow the participant to compete at a World, Paralympics and/or Commonwealth Games.
  • Have a passion for sport and physical activity.
  • Participants must be 9+ years of age.
  • Must be interested in participating in multiple sports/physical activities on a regular basis.

Athletes at Tier 2


  • Are actively participating in regular sessions in their profiled sport(s).
  • Will have shown commitment to the PPH Programme.
  • Must be competing throughout the year.
  • Will be looking at getting classified in their profiled sport, with the support of the Performance Pathway Team.

Athletes at Tier 3


  • Would be expected to reach a British NGB Programme / Commonwealth Games Development Programmes within 4 years.
  • Have committed to the PPH Programme and have taken responsibility over their own training.
  • Compete regularly in their chosen sport throughout the year and will have significantly shown progression.
  • Will have the opportunity to explore different sports (talent transfer).


Transition Athletes


  • Are athletes who are entering into a British NGB Programme / Commonwealth Games Programme.
  • Are jointly supported by Disability Sport Wales and their respective NGB.



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