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insport Partnerships

insport Partnerships

The insport Partnerships strand is part of the broader insport project, which aims to support the physical activity, sport, and leisure sectors delivering inclusively of disabled people. 

The principle behind insport Partnerships is for DSW to develop a Toolkit which will support the development of inclusive thinking, planning, development and delivery by everyone within a third sector organisation, Local Authority or Regional Sport Partnership so that ultimately they will deliver across the spectrum to disabled and non-disabled people, at whatever level they wish to participate or compete.   The intent is to facilitate and deliver cultural change in attitude, approach and provision of physical activity (including sport) and wider opportunities for disabled people.  To ensure that disabled people are considered as PART of your organisation, and the community your organisation serves.

The programme consists of 4 incremental Standards (Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold), against which a series of aims have been identified.  At Ribbon standard the organisation will be assigned a Case Officer who will support them in achieving the aims against each Standard. At the end of each stage the team will present their journey so far to an independent panel.  Demonstration of support for each aim is identified by uploading relevant documents and information to a bespoke portal, and the content of the presentation then serves to illustrate the extent to which philosophies of inclusion have been embedded throughout the organisation, and the difference that working towards inclusion has made.

Ready to begin your insport Journey?

If your organisation believes it is in a position to get involved with insport Partnerships, and want access to the toolkit to help support that, please fill in the Readiness Questionnaire.

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