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How to include disabled children in Primary PE

Including a disabled child within your PE session is a great way to ensure that physical activity, including sport, is identified as a central part of everyone’s life.  There are still times when the PE session is used as the time within the school day where disabled children receive physiotherapy or other health intervention.  Disability Sport Wales want to support teachers, schools, and support staff to include disabled children within PE alongside their classmates and friends.  These top tips might help:

  • When planning the PE session, include the child, the child’s parents, and their education support worker initially, so that they can give you more information about what they can do (their functional ability) and what they like to do.

  • Think about the progressions and modifications you would ordinarily include within your session (so as to provide for those who are more able and talented, and those whose sport skills need more support), and then think about whether elements of the child’s/children’s impairment/s, or their involvement in sport, might mean further specific modification or progression (i.e. if the child is a single leg amputee – how might the jumping activity you have planned need further modification, or if the child is already involved with Boccia, and do are doing a session which uses skills relevant to Boccia – how might you progress that activity so they are appropriately challenged?)

  • Use disability sport as well as non-disability sport (Boccia, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, etc) (give your local sports development department a ring and they may be able to help you out with the right equipment if you don’t have it)

  • Don’t assume that the disabled child within your class will be the one who finds the sport activity the hardest – they probably wont – but you can help them if you think about what you will do and how you will do it

  • Remember that whilst some specific equipment might be useful for some children with some impairments, making appropriate modifications, adaptations and progressions doesn’t need to cost money – just might need a little more thought initially

  • Include Teaching Assistants and other support staff involved with the disabled child/children in the planning and delivery of the PE session

  • If you want more information – get in touch with the DSW Office and ask about the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All workshop

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