Guidance and Resources for 5x60 Officers

How you can include young disabled people with 5x60 sessions

As 5x60 officers you are challenged to listen to the needs of young people and provide them with a timetable of activities that they would like to participate in, and ensure that you, and the activities you facilitate, are inclusive of all children.  As approximately 80% of all disabled children and young people are in mainstream education it is likely that some of the pupils within the schools you work may have an impairment.  Being inclusive of disabled young people is just good delivery practice and reflecting disability sports within your calendar of activities can add some really exciting and new sports into the whole schools options.  To help you plan and deliver inclusively, think about doing some of the following:

  • Find out how many pupils within your school have a disability/impairment, and if possible what the range of impairment groups are (this will help you identify specific sports which may have classifications available for individuals with particular impairments or abilities)

  • If you do a survey with the pupil cohorts, include disability sports on that list (boccia, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, etc)

  • If you don’t have some equipment (i.e. boccia balls, sports wheelchairs, wheelchair rugby balls) then contact your Local Authority sport development team and see if they have any equipment which you could use for sessions

  • Go on the UK DIT (Sport Development Officer) workshop, and suggest that the PE staff go on the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All workshop

  • Be creative with the equipment the school has – it will probably be more inclusive than you thought it would be

  • Think about the posters and information you put up about the sessions you run – do they appeal, and can they be read by all pupils?

  • If you want more information contact Disability Sport Wales

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