23rd Jan 2014

Stopgap Dance Company Workshop

Professional Development Opportunity South Wales

Workshop with Stopgap Dance Company focusing on Creative Dance for young physically disabled children


Stopgap describes their approach to inclusive dance as responsive practise;

‘It comes from being flexible, creative and patient with the participants and having a sense of playfulness in developing bespoke dance skills for individuals. The origin of each movement is examined so that it can be adapted for each individual depending on their movement potential’

Below is a link to a short film about a school project led by Stopgap Dance Company:


Stopgap produce a resource packs including an audio CD to support the workshop experience and is available to attendees at a reduced rate of £18, a link to details of the pack is below:


Sunday the 9th of February 2014

10am – 4pm

The session will be led by Lucy Bennett, the Artistic Director of Stopgap Dance Company

The Dance Studio @ Cardiff Metropolitan University

£50 for the day’s workshop

Please email lindasmith100@aol.com for a booking form


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