19th Apr 2021

Wales Deaf Sport are seeking a consultant or consultancy to support and direct the development of their strategy

Strategy development brief

Wales Deaf Sport are seeking a consultant or consultancy to support and direct the development of their strategy which will define the focus of the organisation until 2025. 

The following documents are available to support the development of this strategy:

  • Wales Deaf Sport Strategy Document (current)
  • Wales Deaf Sport governing documents
  • Blu Bo (2016) Deaf sport in Wales review
  • UK Deaf Sport Strategy
  • Disability Sport Wales Strategy and Theory of Change
  • Vision for sport in Wales
  • Sport Wales Strategy
  • Sport Wales Funding Model
  • The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (Statutory Guidance)
About Wales Deaf Sport (WDS)

In 1946, the South Wales Sports Council was created by a group of deaf people who were very interested in playing sports. Mainly the sports were played indoors across South Wales Deaf Clubs. The sports are darts, snooker, billiards, dominoes, swimming and outside for football. There were 7 deaf clubs Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli, Pontypridd, Neath, Newport and Swansea.

In the mid-eighties or mid-nineties, the name was changed to Wales Deaf Sports so that it can cater for all the deaf people all over Wales.  In the millennium Wales Deaf Rugby, Wales Deaf Golf and Wales Deaf Football were set up.  WDS have hosted the International Deaf Lawn Bowls Championship at Llandrindod Wells in 2007. A few years later Wales Deaf Bowling Association and Wales Deaf Clubs Association were set up.

Wales Deaf Sports exists now to provide support to anyone in sports that need help with training, planning etc. Disability Sport Wales have provided support and grants over the years to help Wales Deaf Sports and is hopefully ongoing.  Wales Deaf Sports now looks to support all Deaf Sportsmen and Sportswomen.

Current Wales Deaf Sport Vision

Wales a Country where all Deaf and Hard of Hearing of all ages who wish to participate in Sport and Exercise can do so without hindrance

Current Wales Deaf Sports Mission Statement: 

In partnership with UK Deaf Sport, Disability Sport Wales, Wales Governing Bodies of Sport and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Organisations in Wales organise and develop opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and young people to participate in Sport and Exercise. This will then ensure Wales Deaf Sports becomes an effective organisation with a deliverable Strategic Plan which delivers success for both Community and High Performance.

About UK Deaf Sport (UKDS)

UK Deaf Sport is the National Federation for Deaf Sport in the UK. Working with partners and organisations across the Four Nations, the vision is that every Deaf person is active and inspired by sport and physical activity. The mission of the organisation is to lead, encourage, enable and support more opportunities for deaf people to participate in sport throughout their lives and more deaf athletes to perform on a world stage.

UK Deaf Sport delivers its vision through three key objectives:

  • Leadership - Leading the sector and supporting/strengthening strategic, well governed leadership for Deaf Sport and physical activity
  • Performance – More Deaf Athletes winning Medals on the World Stage
  • Participation - More Deaf people trying, playing and supporting sport and physical activity

UK Deaf Sport has worked very closely with Wales Deaf Sport and Disability Sport Wales over the past couple of years to develop a better understanding of the landscape and priorities for deaf sports in Wales. We will continue to develop and strengthen this relationship.

It is also going to be essential that the WDS Strategy development contributes to the sector vision for sport in Wales and intersects with Disability Spot Wales Strategy so that the combined approach to the delivery of sport in Wales is philosophically consistent and inclusive of Deaf and disabled people.

The Brief

This consultation work will include the following:

Phase 1a:
  • A review of the current context of Deaf sport and sport for Deaf and hard of hearing people in Wales using the Blu Bo report (produced in 2016).
Phase 1b:
  • Consultation with key partners to WDS and the sector, including
    • UK Deaf Sport
    • Disability Sport Wales
    • Sport Wales
    • National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru Wales
    • Royal National Institute for Deaf people (RNID) Cymru Wales
    • Deaf Units in Wales
    • Deaf Clubs in Wales
    • And others to be defined throughout the process as appropriate (including Sense and other national charities)
Phase 2a:
  • The identification of a Strategy for Deaf Sport in Wales, which should also review:
    • Duration and time frame
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values and behaviours
    • Strategic Priorities and Ambitions
    • Measures for success
  • Make proposals for Wales Deaf Sport regarding
    • Organisational Effectiveness (structure)
    • Governance provisions, and
    • opportunities for increasing financial stability
Phase 2b:
  • Recommendations for enhanced community provision for physical activity (including sport), and opportunities for volunteering and coaching (both for Deaf and hard of hearing people, and by Deaf and hard of hearing people)
  • Identification of performance pathway into Welsh NGB provision, appropriate UK competition and the DeaflympicsGB team
  • A Communications Strategy
Expression of interest (EoI)

The EoI should include the following information:

  • Information about the consultant/company
  • Overview of the consultants/companies experience with similar work, and particularly work with Deaf and Hard of hearing communities
  • Identification of the process and/or methodologies which the consultant/company will use to achieve the timelines identified below
  • Breakdown of the costs associated with each phases of the strategy development
  • Outline of any value-added which the consultant/company can bring to the project
  • Two client reference contacts with permissions for Wales Deaf Sport/DSW to contact prior to the consultant being offered the contract

Submission of EoI:

To discuss the brief in further detail contact: 

Gwynne Griffiths at gwynnegriffiths1@sky.com or on 07970 069597

Please send your expression of interest in the brief through to: office@disabilitysportwales.com   

Submission of quote: Tuesday 4th May 2021, 17.00


Wales Deaf Sport have a budget for this work of £10,000


Completion Phase 1: by 7th June 2021

Completion Phase 2: 14th July 2021

Completion Phase 3: 6th August 2021


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