24th Jun 2021

Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability Strategy development brief

Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability

Strategy development brief

The Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (WSA PLD) are seeking a consultant or consultancy to support and direct the development of their strategy which will define the focus of the organisation until 2029.  

The following documents are available to support the development of this strategy:

  • WSAPLD Strategy
  • WSAPLD Governing Documents
  • UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability Strategy 
  • Virtus Strategy
  • Special Olympics GB Strategy (outgoing and developing)
  • Special Olympics Wales vision
  • Disability Sport Wales Strategy and Theory of Change
  • Vision for sport in Wales
  • Sport Wales Strategy
  • Sport Wales Funding Model
  • The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (Statutory Guidance)

About the Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability

The Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disabilities is a charitable organisation which provides sporting opportunities for people across Wales at local, national and international level.  In the South Region we hold annual swimming galas and athletics events catering for children from the age of 10 to adult for as long as they wish to participate. The North Region hosts various fun sports events based within the school system. We are eligible for Sports Council funding for our elite athletes but rely heavily on donations and fundraising to cover our costs at local and national level. All our officers and committee are voluntary and give freely of their time.

The WSAPLD was set up in 1981 when it was found that there was no ‘Sporting’ body in Wales that catered specifically for people with learning disabilities.

WSAPLD was established and held its first National Games in 1982.

Organisation of the National Association

The National Association was originally divided into the three regions of Wales:

  • North Wales
  • South Wales
  • Mid & West Wales (Mid & West Wales are no longer a part of the National Organisation, choosing to organise their own events separately).

Each Region has its own Committee responsible for the running and organising of events.

The National Committee, which comprises of representatives from the Regional Committees, meets three times a year.

For further information please visit: http://www.wsapld.org.uk/home


Background to the brief

Physical activity (including sport) for people with intellectual impairment/learning disability is broad ranging, including in Wales a spectrum of inclusive opportunity.  This ranges from open activity (where people with II/LD participate and compete alongside non-disabled people), to specific activity (where participation and competitive opportunity is provided only for people with II/LD).  The primary providers of the specific opportunity in Wales are 

  • Special Olympics Wales
  • Clubs and sessions (in conjunction with either their National Governing Body (NGB) or Disability Sport Wales Development Officers (DSWDOs) (each Local Authority has a DSWDO))
  • WSAPLD events (intra- and extra-curricular provision)   

Other organisations like Mencap, Leonard Cheshire, Learning Disability Wales, Gateway Clubs, etc also provide physical activity and sport-based sessions to a greater or lesser extent throughout Wales.

In order to enhance the physical activity (including sporting) pathway for people with intellectual impairment/learning disability it is important to 

a)     Clearly identify what each organisation provides for people with intellectual impairment/learning disability, and therefore where the overlaps and gaps are

b)    Effectively communicate to people with intellectual impairment/learning disability in Wales what the opportunities are, and where and how movement through the pathway can provide access to the right opportunity at the right time

c)     Coordinate the key partners involved with the provision of the pathway that they work collectively to share resources, enable high quality opportunity, and support people with intellectual impairment/learning disability to fulfil their potential (throughout the levels)

It is a requirement of the UK Sports Association (UKSA) Articles of Association that there is representation from an appropriately nominated organisation in Wales (in addition to Disability Sport Wales) at UKSA Board and committee meetings.  Currently the Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability are not represented on the UKSA Board and have not been for some time.  

In the review of Strategy, which is central to this brief, consideration will also need to be given to the Welsh organisation who will act as nominated representative (alongside DSW) on the UKSA Board to the best fulfilment of its objectives.


The Brief

This consultation work is three-fold:

1)    To identify a strategy for WSAPLD which enables the pathway for people with intellectual impairment/learning disability to be streamlined and seamless and extends the work that volunteers within WSAPLD have worked to achieve; and aligns with the strategies of key stakeholders.

2)    a)  To develop Terms of Reference (including purpose, vision, values and priorities), role descriptions for key individuals, designation of a representative membership, and a communications plan for an Alliance for Intellectual Impairment sport in Wales, 

which will then enable the …

2)    b)  … bringing together of key stakeholders within Wales (and their UK parent organisations where appropriate) to form the ‘Alliance’ who will represent the interests of participants and competitors with intellectual impairment/learning disability to influence change and ensure Welsh representation in teams and within organisations.


Phase 1:

  • A review of the current context of physical activity (including sport) for people with intellectual impairment/learning disability and identification of a draft provision map and engage in a consultation with key partners to WSAPLD, including 
    • UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability
    • Special Olympics GB and Special Olympics Wales
    • Disability Sport Wales
    • Sport Wales
    • Learning Disability Wales
    • Mencap Cymru
    • Leonard Cheshire Cymru
    • And others to be defined throughout the process as appropriate
  • This should also be used as an opportunity to begin the work for Phase 3a and 3b.

Phase 2:

  • The identification of a Strategy for WSAPLD, which should also review:
    • Identity, name and brand (if relevant)
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values and behaviours
    • Strategic Priorities and Ambitions
    • Measures for success

Phase 3a:

  • Develop Terms of Reference (TOR), and associated documents required for the formation of the Alliance, including role descriptions for key individuals (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), mapping of the roles of each stakeholder association, core policies, membership delineation, succession planning and nominations, and a communications plan.
  • Recommendations about future representation into governance structures of Disability Sport Wales and UK Sports Association 

Phase 3b:

  • Establish the Alliance though the appointment of individuals into the key roles (support will be provided for this by Disability Sport Wales)

Expression of interest (EoI)

The EoI should include the following information:

  • Information about the consultant/company
  • Overview of the consultants/companies experience with similar work, and particularly work with communities of people with intellectual impairment/learning disability
  • Identification of the process and/or methodologies which the consultant/company will use to achieve the timelines identified below
  • Breakdown of the costs associated with each phases of the strategy development
  • Outline of any value-added which the consultant/company can bring to the project
  • Two client reference contacts with permissions for Welsh Sports Association for People with Learning Disability/DSW to contact prior to the consultant being offered the contract

Submission of EoI:

To discuss the brief in further detail contact:  

David Jenkins at head@ysgoltycoch.co.uk or 07764 221772

Please send your expression of interest in the brief through to: office@disabilitysportwales.com

Submission of quote: Monday 19th July 2021, 12pm, 17.00

If your Expression of Interest is successful you will be notified of the award of contract by Monday 26th July 2021.



Welsh Sports Association for People with Intellectual Impairment have a budget for this work of £10,000



Completion of Phase 1: 30th August 2021

Completion of Phase 2:  20th September 2021

Completion of Phase 3a:  3rd October 2021

Completion of Phase 3b:  1st November 2021


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