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About UK DIT (NGB)

The UK Disability Inclusion Training project has been a landmark – the first of its kind within disability sport, and indicates a significant change in the working practices of the Home Nations Disability Sport Organisations (HNDSO) of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.  Historically the provision of disability inclusion training has been delivered by each individual HNDSO, and by a range of external providers within each of the four Nations.  There are now 5 versions of the UK DIT workshop, of which the National Governing Body version is one.  This means that you will get a tailored experience reflecting the diversity of your needs, and identifying and reinforcing good practice within your area of the physical activity, sport and leisure industry. 


The overall aim of this workshop is to ensure that disabled people get great quality provision and opportunity from your sport, and the opportunities it provides.  This includes the provision of sport to disabled people and disability sport, as well as opportunities for coaching, officiating and volunteering, or getting involved with the NGB as an employee or Board member.  This three hour session focuses on how to get what you do right for disabled people, and how you can support your clubs, coaches, volunteers and event organisers to provide inclusive opportunity (whether this be in an impairment specific environment, or one where disabled and non-disabled people are involved with the same activity in the same place at the same time). 


This workshop has some elements of the content which are core, and some which the organiser can elect to include.  The core modules are:

•  Perceptions and Experiences
•  The Sport Inclusion Model
•  Implications of inclusion
•  Challenges to and solutions for participation within your sport


The optional modules are (and you would select TWO of the following four):

•  Demand and the Welsh Context for disability sport
•  Definition of disability and impairment
•  Legislation relevant to NGBs
•  The Business Case for inclusion

This workshop is specifically aimed at those working or volunteering within the NGB who do not deliver practical sessions, but work more in the non-technical side of the sport.  It works best where there is a group of senior core non-technical staff and board of directors so that an action plan for the sport can be created throughout the session.  If your NGB is currently engaged with the DSW insport NGB programme then you are entitled to one free UK DIT (NGB) workshop. 


Please contact your Case Officer for further details.




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