Become an insport Partner

The insport Programme seeks to embed an inclusive culture within sport and physical activity in Wales by influencing and supporting clubs, national governing bodies, local authorities, and third sector organisations.

The insport Programme has Wales-wide reach, in that each Strand has an impact in every area of Wales. insport NGB supports a high number of Welsh NGBs who have a Wales wide remit. Every local authority area is involved in the insport Partnerships Strand, and every county has a number of insport Clubs that are progressing through insport Standards.

The options exists to sponsor a specific insport Strand, or become insport Programme Partner. The current insport Strands are:

  • insport Club, working with clubs in every county across the country
  • insport NGB working with National Governing Bodies for Sport in Wales
  • insport Partnerships (previously separate Strands as insport Development and insport Third Sector)

A new insport Education Strand is currently in its conception phase. This is a perfect time to come on board as insport Education Partner, or by supporting the entire programme as insport Programme Partner.

insport Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Organisations work through four Standards on their insport journey. Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards represent increasing levels of inclusive excellence.

Proposed Partnership Inventory

Title & Logo

Official Designation (depending on nature of partnership):

  • insport Programme Partner / insport Programme Sponsor
  • insport Club Partner / insport Club Partner
  • insport NGB Partner / insport NGB Partner
  • insport Partnerships Sponsor
  • insport Education Partner / insport Education Sponsor
Right to use DSW brand marks

Right to create and use a composite logo combining your logo and DSW logo

insport Partner.jpg

Right to create and use a composite logo combining your logo and insport / insport Strand logo

insport Partner 02.jpg

Digital Marketing
Opportunity to promote your brand through DSW social media channels
Sponsor mark to appear on all of DSW’s insport- or insport Strand-related content published on social media
Sponsor mark, designation, and hyperlink to feature on DSW Website
Branding & Advertising
Sponsor mark and designation to appear on all insport- or insport Strand-related marketing material
Sponsor mark / logo embedded within all related electronic and printed resources
Opportunity to provide branded items to organisations participating in insport.
Staff Engagement
VIP invitations to all DSW events
Opportunity for staff to volunteer at DSW events
Appearances from a leading Welsh Para Athlete
Disability inclusion training day for staff members
UK DIT training for staff (20 spaces)
Photography/content from insport Programme or insport Strand for use in PR related to the Partnership
Announcement of partnership through DSW social media channels, including press release
Disability Sport Wales attendance at your events as requested (for example, staff or partner conferences)*
*limitations apply
Extend invitations to wider engagement opportunities for your partners where available (for example, event tickets for para and disability sport events held in Wales to which Disability Sport Wales is a partner)

Why you should support insport

The insport Programme represents a desire for excellence. No other nation has a  programme quite like insport, though many are now taking Wales' lead and developing equivalent frameworks. Organisations work through Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards to proudly display their commitment to inclusion.

Think your organisation is a good fit?

Begin your insport Journey by contacting the Disability Sport Wales Partnerships Team:

message   Contact the Partnerships Teammessage   Contact the Partnerships Team

From here:



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