Become our Performance Pathway Partner

The Performance Pathway Team identify and support individuals to reach their potential within sport. Promising athletes are guided on their journey toward potential competitive success through the Performance Pathway Hub (PPH) Programme.

The purpose of the DSW Performance Pathway Hub Programme is to provide an environment for individuals to learn, grow and develop into athletes for a sport which fits the individuals profile/ impairment and to have the best possible chance of success at World, Paralympic and/or Commonwealth Games.

Through your association with the Disability Sport Wales Performance Pathway Programme, you will benefit from:

  • Wales-wide brand awareness and programme naming rights

  • Reach coaches, volunteers, athletes, and sector leading organisations

  • Opportunity to genuinely improve the lives of disabled people across Wales and ensure promising athletes can access and reach their potential in competitive sport​​​

Proposed Partnership Inventory

Title & Logo

Official Designation Performance Pathway Partner

Right to use DSW brand marks

Right to create and use a composite logo combining your logo and DSW logo

Performance Pathway Partner.jpg

Digital Marketing
Opportunity to promote your brand through DSW social media channels

Sponsor mark to appear on all promotional videos developed for the programme and associated videos published on social media

Sponsor mark, designation and hyperlink to feature on the Disability Sport Wales website

Branding & Advertising

All associated resources will be produced, developed and branded with the composite logo

Sponsor mark / logo embedded within all related electronic and printed resources

Banner branding at all opportunities and relevant events across Wales

Sponsor mark and designation to appear on Performance Pathway Programme kit and promotional material

Staff Engagement

Provide two learning opportunities for partner staff to be trained up on Disability Inclusion Training

Appearances from athletes throughout the performance pathway to events held by the title partner

Provide guidance and training to staff on inclusive marketing

Opportunities for title partner staff to volunteer at Disability Sport Wales events that are held across Wales

Photography/content from Performance Pathway events for use in PR related to the Partnership
Announcement of partnership through DSW social media channels, including press release
Disability Sport Wales attendance at your events as requested (for example, staff or partner conferences)*
*limitations apply
Extend invitations to wider engagement opportunities for your partners where available (for example, event tickets for para and disability sport events held in Wales to which Disability Sport Wales is a partner)

Why you should support the Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway programme is about developing excellence, fuelling the next generation, and uncovering hidden talents. If your organisation represents growth, strength, realising potential, or developing the future, or qualities demonstrated by professional athletes like speed, concentration, resilience, perserverance or dedication, you may be a perfect fit for Performance Pathway Partner.  

Think your organisation is a good fit?

Begin your journey by contacting the Disability Sport Wales Partnerships Team:


From here:



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