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Microsoft Office Accessibility Tools

What the Check Accessibility button in Microsoft Office looks like

In all Office applications under the review menu there is a check accessibility function, this will give feedback and suggested improvements on language, colour contrast, use of images and other key accessibility issues.

Results of an accessibilty inspection

If you tick the box that says “Keep Accessibility Checker running while I work” this will keep checking and flag up any issues as you work.

Subtitles to support video content

Some software include subtitling / captioning as an automatic function (Teams, YouTube etc). Their functionality is varied, and quality can differ, but can support in some cases. 

If you're interested in booking places on a Guidance for Inclusive Marketing Workshop, please contact Disability Sport Wales' Insight and Learning Senior Officer, Dr. Rachael Newport (contact details below)

Dr Rachael Newport
Dr Rachael Newport
Learning and Insight Senior Officer
Please speak to me in English
Please refer to me as: She / Her


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